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Workshops for everyone

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Secondary Schools


We offer well structured learning opportunities to support core subjects including Biology and Ecology - presented in an engaging way by an expert in herpetology and entomology. Our animals help make learning applicable and relevant - as well as very memorable!

Special needs groups

red foot tortoise

​​Rather than group workshops we offer sensitive one to one or small group experiences for children, young people and adults with particular needs who can gain enormously from the interaction with our animals.

Let James or one of his rangers come to your school, fair, club or birthday party. We always make it a day to remember! Call 07877483612


bearded dragon

Let us entertain and amuse your children with our exotic friends and unusual critters.


Children love the opportunity to interact with animals they may only have read about or seen at the Zoo. Watch faces light up with this unique experience they'll be talking about for ages.


Nursing and Care Homes


Nursing home residents and exotic animals may not be a pairing that immediately comes to mind, but Wriggly Roadshow animal handling workshops provide and interesting diversion for older people who benefit from a break in routine and new experiences. 

milk snake

Primary Schools

Wriggly Roadshow will support children's development and learning and can offer curriculum based educational experiences in an exciting and unusual format. The children will meet and learn about a variety of exotic animals and the educational element can be tailer made to ensure good learning value.  

Hospices & Hospitals

bearded dragon

Pre-school and Nursery


Club and events

snake lizard and rat


We have much experience working with all ages with life limiting conditions and work sensitively on a one to one or small group basis to introduce our animals and provide a fun and fascinating time learning about them.

Meeting our lovely animals always puts a grin on children's faces.  Its a great age for them to start learning about all the amazing creatures of the world. Also research has proven that all of their animal experiences help children develop positive values.

If you think your club or event could benefit from a visit from Wriggly roadshow, why not give us a shout. We do youth clubs, after school clubs, camera clubs, school fetes, corporate events and many more!

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